COVID-19 Nepal Update and Weakness on actions of Nepal

Nepal Update

1 case of Corona Virus infected has been identified today, according to the ministry of Health. a 19 year old girl who had returned Nepal back on 17th March 2020 from Germany through Doha, Qatar was found infected after her check up in Sukraraj Tropical hospital, Teku Kathmandu. 
Before this, one case was suspected as infected in Birgunj of Parsa District but later on it was found negative. 
Till now in Nepal, identified and suspected cases are seen from the people who traveled from outside the country.

Nepal Government is Doing

Nepal Government has decided to lock down the country for a week from 24th March 2020, 6 AM onward to 31st March 2020. During this lock down, all people are requested to stay in their home. No one are allowed to move from one place to another except some emergency works related to medical treatment, necessary foods etc. Vehicles of water supply, security and ambulance are allowed to move. From 23rd March, Nepal government had already stopped moving long route vehicle but personal vehicles and domestic plane had not been stopped to move from one place to another. 

What would be better to do?

Nepal has been doing When the situation had been worsening day by day in the world including India, Nepal government had to lock down before at least a week but Nepal government could not do an action towards this. 
Corona virus and it's spreading all over the world is just because of Us. Yes, it means we human being is the means. Whatever we have developed in this universe in the name of science and development, it has supporting COVID-19 expansion. 
Movement of people from outside the country specially those which are affected from Corona virus through plane would have been stopped first. But Nepal government did not do so some weeks before. 
In India also, 7 people found died due to the Corona Virus till the date. It means, people in India specially near Nepal boarder are in high risk. Boarders are not fully locked till now which would have done immediately just after finding 1 case in India. 
Effective check up in immigration points would have been doing from very first weeks when COVID-19 seen in China. Less effective check up of fever in check points near the boarder to India and in international airports has supported to expand risks of COVID-19 in Nepal.
Effective management of Isolation and quarantine in time before the cases enter in the country. 
Nepal army had prepared some quarantine as simulation 2 weeks before which would have been done before a month. We should not wait for cases instead we should fully prepare to overcome the possible risks and situations.

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