Good Part of Coronavirus COVID-19 in the Context of Nepal

Corona-virus COVID-19 has good part in some areas in contrary of its bad effect to the human life in the universe. Definitely, Corona Virus have taken more than 270 thousand lives. It is not only taking human life but also affecting other areas. 
Corona Virus (COVID-19) has become obstacle of economic prosperity of universe as well. From underdeveloped to highly developed countries, all are affected by Corona virus. 
If we see and analyze benefiting side of Corona Virus COVID-19 in the context of Nepal, there are many more things which really is benefiting to some areas.
COVID-19 Corona Virus has become a headache now a days to the world. Corona virus has been affecting human life in the universe. It has already taken more than 2,77000 people's life as of 9th May 2020. Serious cases are still under treatment and new cases are still growing. 
Human efforts are not success to control it completely yet. Obviously, a worse condition developing in this universe. New cases have been increasing day by day in Nepal as well. 
If we analyze the situation in Nepal from another angle, Covid-19 have contributed to benefit in some areas.

1. Sanitation and Health - Changed Behavior

When Corona Virus started to spread all over the universe, people were aware about sanitizing body of individual human being. People were suggested to be careful about sanitizing their body. Every people started to wash hands with soap frequently. Also, sanitizers were used by some people who became able to find sanitizers in the market. It has increased sanitizing consciousness in each people. By doing this for more than a month, it has become a kind of habit on every individual. Finally, it has changed behavior of individual toward sanitization and care of it.

2. Better Social Life of people

Specially, in urban areas, people were trying to became a kind of machine for getting more earnings. People were running behind money every hour. People did not have time for their family. They did not have time to get rest. People were thinking that if they pause works for some days, there will be huge problem in the society. In the name of work all the time and increase earning, people were slowly going far from social life.  
A kind of social isolation had been creating day by day and the people were running away from developing neighborhood, brotherhood and creating social harmony. More importantly, people were not giving time for their family.  
There were very few times of gathering family and talking each other. Due to Covid-19, government had locked down the country to be staying in home for more than a month.
Because of lock down, people have been staying in home with their family members all the day. It has given opportunity to all the family members to talk, understand each other very well and discuss on their home and family’s issues.

3. Improvement in Environment

Due to corona virus, government locked down the country from almost the last 2 months. During this lock down period, almost no vehicles except some emergency service provider vehicles were on the road.
There were more than 3.2 million vehicles run daily on the road which had been producing huge amount of carbon dioxide. It had been degrading environmental condition of universe.
After lock down in the country, almost now carbon dioxide has been producing due to fuel burnt by vehicles. According to the report by  Government of Nepal, Ministry ofPopulation and Environment, Department of Environment Air Quality Monitoring daily record, air pollution of Kathmandu valley has been seen improved in this period of lock down. 

4. Huge decrease of patient in hospitals and Changed food habits

Generally, there would have huge number of patients going to hospitals for health checkups. Since the start of lock down from 24th March 2020 in Nepal, those huge number of regular patients in hospitals are disappearing.  
There may have various causes behind this but if we see in depth the reason is people were becoming dependent for their lives with second person which is doctor. 
People have developed their thinking in such a way that they have full freedom to behave in anyway with their body and there is second person who is Doctor to care about their body in case of any imbalances. 
If it would not have been so then where have those regular patients gone. Due to uncertainty of lock down period, many people have been trying to become economic in food practices as well means decreasing unnecessary eating. Such practices have been supporting to improve people’s body and health. 
If we see specifically towards the decreased regular patients in hospitals, people were creating the situation by thinking that they should go to hospitals regular to take treatment from the doctor. If fact, that’s not true. If people try to understand about human body, minor problems can be treated with people’s treating and thinking. 
People’s thinking and bad food habits might have driven people to the hospitals regularly. People have now thinking that they are safe in their home instead of going to hospitals for minor problems.

5. Many people are in Villages

When the government announced lock down in the country on 22 March 2020, almost all of the people who were staying in cities for employment and study, returned to their villages. Children, youth, adult and elder all people are in village from the starting day of lock down. Villages have been facing scares of youth and adult human resources not only for works in the field, even for funeral works.

6. Children have got an opportunity to learn about village

Due to lock down in the country, children also returned to the villages with their parents from the cities. Children have got an opportunity to know, understand about village, villagers, agricultural works in the villages, wood fire for making food etc. Children are learning about village and their relatives in the village as well. They are being relative with village society, village culture and environment.

7. Many people worked on the field in villages

People who returned to the villages from cities after the lock down in the country, are working on the field in villages. They might have been on the field to work after a long time. 
Villagers have been facing problem of human resources to work in the field before lock down. Now, villages have got many human resources for working in the field for agricultural works. 
With enough human resources, work on the field have been completing easily. Lack of human resources to work on the field, in this period, have been away.  It might be for short period of time but people became closely connected with the work on the field after long period of time. Otherwise, most of the people who stay in cities for various purposes have been forgetting the agricultural work field in their villages.  

8. Huge decrease in imported fuel consumption

Almost all of the vehicles are not running of the road due to lock down in the country. Because of that, fuel consumption has become nearly about 0% during lock down. Nepal has been importing fuel from outside the country. 
For fuel, huge amount has been outing from the country. Imported fuel consumption in Nepal have decreased due to which huge amount outing 

9. No Dusts on the Roads

Because of no vehicular movement on the road due to country lock down, there are no dusts on and aside of roads. People on the road side are not compelled to endure dusts.  
Because of damaged roads in cities, there are dust on most of the roads outside core area of cities.People would have compelled to have dusts during walking on the roads.

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