Possible Problems to be faced by Beginner Bloggers

About some possible problems that beginner bloggers can face during blogging
When a new blogger is working in blogging, there will be some possible problems to be faced by beginner blogger. Therefore, new bloggers should be prepared to understand about some possible problems to be faced during blog post writing, indexing in google.
Blogging for beginners is challenging as well. Here are some possible problems and challenges of blogging to be faced by beginner blogger and my experience to solve it.

1.      Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt (Website Coverage Problem)

how to fix robots.txt problem during indexing?
I did get an email from google search console when I requested blog posts for indexing. The email was related to ‘blog URL indexed, though blocked by robots.txt. Google search console was showing the requested URL has problem with Yellow indication.
I went through google and YouTube to find out actually what this ‘indexed, though blocked by robots.txt’ is. I found various results about that. I summarized those results of google search which of all were almost same.
Result was that ‘indexed, though blocked by robots.txt’ is actually not a problem. It was my request through blogger setting not to index duplicates. If we try to solve it, there will be duplicate in indexing. 
In general, a blog post has been linked with ‘Category’ and ‘Labels’. If we allow category and labels to index, there will be problem of duplication. Therefore, you are requested to ignore email related to ‘URL indexed, though blocked by robots.txt’ because it is not actually a problem.

2.      Not showing more than one or two posts

Why blog posts are not showing in a blogger site?
When I wrote a long post after completing 12 posts writing and published, no other posts were showing in my blog interface. At first, I became surprised and then I started to search about happening so in google, YouTube.
After searching, I did find the reason of happening so. It was happening because of template/ theme structure or design. Theme designer have allowed to show limited characters or images or length of posts in the design.
When we write long posts, allowed characters in theme might have taken by that one post. It results of not showing other posts in your blog interface.
Solution: I went through edit post. In post, I went to put my cursor after some paragraphs. After that, I went to click on ‘insert jump break’ symbol button at menu bar. I clicked on ‘update’ and went to refresh my blog. Then all posts as I allowed to show in setting were displaying. In this way you also can sort out such problem if you are also facing such problem.

3.      Monetization in google AdSense

Your blog doesnot currently qualify for AdSense problem solved
 Although, you write several posts in your blog, monetization in google AdSense will not make your blogger eligible so easily. In this situation, you should write more than 15 posts at least (recommended) with very good content in blog posts. When I wrote 16 posts, I thought that it is better to apply for AdSense approval. When I went through ‘Earning’ section, my blog was not eligible for AdSense approval with message ‘Your blog doesn't currently qualify for AdSense’.
I searched about alternative options for applying to AdSense approval. I found that there is option to apply for AdSense approval from AdSense account. I went to my AdSense account and applied for approval because I already had AdSense account approved through YouTube channel.
If your google AdSense account has already been approved before through YouTube, you can apply for approval of your blog by adding site. But approval depends on google, your blog posts, content of your blog, traffic of blog posts etc.

4.      Unparsable structured data > parsing error: Missing ‘,’or’}’

When I applied for a post URL to index, I was informed by search console that my URL has problem about ‘unparsable structured data, parsing error: missing ‘,’ or ‘}’. You beginner blogger might also have got such information from google search console. If you are not well known about HTML coding, you may have been in a problem.
I went through problem in search console and tried to find out where the problem is. That problem was in writing of blog post title. Very hardly, I could find the problem in post title writing.
When I found the problem in writing blog post’s title, I went through the title. I had written title with coma ( , ). I did remove coma from the post title with appropriate editing. Then I did update post and reported as solved in search console. So, if you also have same problem, you just remove coma ( , ) from the post title and rewrite appropriate title.

5.     The requested URL / was not found in server. That’s all we know (URL redirect problem)

How to solve the URL problem of redirect

This is also a kind of common blogging mistake that your blogger site can be shown in google search with 404 error message. When someone type your blogger URL in web browser, it might show the message ‘The requested URL/ was not found in server. That’s all we know.’ I found this problem when I applied for approval of ads other than google AdSense. I found that the problem was shown because of custom redirects setting. 
Go to setting, search preferences, custom redirects and solve URL problem
about to click on edit section of custom redirects
I went to search preferences section in setting. On ‘Errors and redirections’, I went to ‘custom redirects’ and clicked on edit. I checked (tick) on box option of ‘From http://… to …. ’ where I wrote only domain name. Then clicked on ‘Save changes’ button.  
In this way I solved the URL redirects problem.

6.    Forget to label the post

Sometime beginner blogger forget to label the written post as a common mistakes. In such case, google search console may show an error. So, if you have are getting problem in search console, you go back to your each post and check label. If you have not created label, first you create labels. Then give one or more labels to your post. Problem of giving labels to posts will be solved.

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