How Can We Utilize Lock-Down period for being Healthy and Fit

Being always fit by maintaining health during Lock Down due to Covid-19 is not difficult if we start today to do something. We can use this lock-down period for being healthy and fit through simple and easy way. We just have to have courage to accept that as my routine for our health.
How can we utilize lockdown period for being fit

You all are aware that Eating testy foods always is not good for health. Most of the people in most of the countries are in lock down situation. They all are staying at their home and working from home for running their business for making money.

Being healthy is also saving money on the other hand. Due to busy schedule for any business, most of the people have forgotten to care about their health. They run behind money. I also did such in past days.

Now, the situation in most of the countries are lock down. People have lots of free time due to Covid-19 and lock down. In this situation, many people who had been working in any business with their physical situation, have been experiencing a kind of problem of engaging themselves. That actually is not a problem. People have taken it as a problem.

There are lots of solutions to take care of such situation. Among them, investing time to be fit by engaging themselves daily is one of the solutions. I used to start to do following things to be fit for my healthy life in this lock down situation. Doing following things will not only make you engaged but also benefit to your health.

What to do for being fit and improved health?

There are lots of ways to be fit and healthy. Some of them are heavy and hard to do but some of them are easy, effective and simple to do. During this lock down, we need to think about such simple and easy to do in our own home.  These Simple and Easy practices will help us for being fit and Healthy. Based on our experiences, it is much effective as well.

1. Give our inner engine rest to be refreshed

Think once, have we ever given a rest to our inner engine? Due to our busy schedule, we might not have thought to give a rest to our body. Our body is also like a machine with engines. We might have not tried to refresh our inner engine. If so, this might be the time to give our inner engine a rest and be refreshed. Here has noted some effective and important ways of giving inner engine some rest for refreshing.

Fasting and Enough rest for refreshing your body

One of the effective ways of getting our body refreshed is fasting. There is a saying 'we are what we eat and how we eat'. From one point of view, our body is also a machine. As we know, machine needs rest in a certain time laps if we want that machine works for long time. In the same way, our body needs a certain kind of rest.

When we sleep, our body will get rest and it helps our body to be refreshed daily. If we could not get sleep well, our body will not react perfectly and properly.

Like same way of taking rest by sleeping, our inner engine which we called digestive system needs rest if we want it to work perfectly and properly. The way of giving rest to inner engine is fasting. Fasting in a certain way helps body not only giving rest but also helps to clean inner digestive parts.

There are no such hard and fast way of fasting. We can manage it in our own way but systematically. If we are trying to go for fasting in this lock down period, we can start in this way:

  •   Start fasting once in first month
  •   Double the fasting frequency in next month means twice in a month
  •   Then from the third month, start fasting a day in every week
Start fasting and see consciously how it effects in your body and mind. If it effects to make our body refreshed, why should we wait to continue it in future for improving our health.

Eating less than general

Different studies have shown that more people in city areas die earlier due to over eating food than the people die due to no food. But in rural areas of many countries, the situation is vice-versa. Over eating also supports to increase cholesterol in our body which can create problem in our health. Resulting waste of money and time. There are two kinds of over eating.

- Eating more than enough or limit unconsciously
- Eating many times without time gaps (Eating frequently)

Many of us do not aware about how much should we eat for our body. We believe in theories and certain research findings. More importantly, we should believe and follow on our body nature and consciousness on relationship between body and food.

Eating food quantity depends on people's age, their work nature and habits. When eating food quantity is determined by our habit than our age and work, that can create problem in our health. Having food in reality is fueling for our body. How much fuel is needed for our body depends on our consciousness.  

Many of us have developed habit of having food frequently without considering it's necessity for our body. Maintaining 8 hours gap in between our food is taken good for health from refreshing our inner engine point of view if we are age of over 35 years. Age below that needs less time gap to have food.

2.    Start and Extend Simple Exercises in a Systematic Way

When we have enough leisure time in this lock down period, this is the perfect time to start and extend simple exercise to do in a systematic way. Doing simple exercises continuously in a systematic way will help to improve your health. Importantly, we need to continue and focus.

If we have not started simple exercises everyday yet, this is the time to start. If we had started but we did not have enough time to do simple exercises for enough period, this is the time to extend our exercise time to make effect on our health.

We can follow these simple steps of doing simple exercises:
  • Jugging inside our home premises is also a way of doing exercise for stretching our body. At least 15 minute jugging inside home.
  • Start with simple jumping exercise and body stretching exercise alternatively: 5 minutes in an average. It means we have to do one jumping exercise and then one stretching.
  • Do at least 10 jumping and stretching exercises in an alternative way. It will help our body to be flexible and fit. Important and considering thing during exercises is controlling of our breathing.
  • Controlling our breathing with exercise. If we jump, we need to exhale our breathing forcefully. When we do stretching exercise, we need to do both inhale and exhale of breathing: inhale during stretching and exhale to come back normal.

3. Start Yoga Exercises

In south Asian countries especially in India, Yoga is very famous exercises for making our body and mind refreshed and healthy. It is an ancient methodology of being healthy and fit for both body and mind. It has no side effects if we do it correctly with guidance of Yoga Guru - a Yoga Trainer - in the initial stage.

We need to start from Easy to complex exercises. Yoga exercises focuses on balance of body and breathing. We need to be aware that when we do Yoga exercise, we have to be conscious about our breathing. When we go to stretch body, we have to inhale and hold breathing for some seconds (average 5 seconds). When we go to bring our body in normal, we have exhale our breathing.

If we have any confusion, we can also watch videos on YouTube for assistance searching simple yoga exercises of Swami Ramdev.

4. Do Pranayama: Control of our breathing

During this lock down period, we can do Pranayama to get benefit in our health. The word Pranayama made with two words 'Prana' and 'Yama'. Prana means our breathing and Yama means systematic control of our breathing.

Pranayama is in general a process of inhaling and exhaling of breathing. Doing Pranayam helps to balance our metabolism and supports to make our body and mind fit and controlled. Silent instruction for positive impact in our body and mind is important during doing Pranayama.

When we have enough time during this lock down, we can take benefit of doing Pranayam to be fit and healthy. It will also help to improve our immune system and help to defend with Corona Virus.

5. Do Meditation

Meditation for body and mind
Meditation is known as one of the parts of Yoga. Meditation helps to control our mind in our own way. It means if we want our mind to make better, meditation helps. When we have enough time in this lock down period, we can utilize this time for improving our health. For doing meditation, we can follow these simple steps.

- We have to sit in any one sitting posture called Aasana whichever is easy for us. There several siting postures but for meditation, either simple posture (Aasana) or Kamalasana is taken better.
- Make sure that our body with neck and head is straight in 90 Degree angle.
- Inhale long breathing and exhale slowly for 3 times.
- Close the eyes.
- Concentrate our sight in between our two eyes by closing eyes.
- Accept whatever comes in our mind.
- Slowly and slowly concentrate our eyes and mind towards nothing or blank space. Or we can concentrate our mind in our breathing and body.
- Sit by doing so as long as we can.

Conclusion: We need to think consciously a saying 'health is wealth'. During this lock down due to Covid-19, we can start and do something simple and effective way of exercises for being fit and healthy. When we become healthy, we all know, we can not only do something to earn but also save money.

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